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    Hope you all are doing well and are as vivacious as can be. I’m thrilled to use this small window of opportunity to communicate with you… my fellow-seekers. Holistic wellness and beauty, since ages, have been sought across cultures and civilizations – the search continues unabated. Soldiering on, we keep trying to strike the right balance between our inner and outer selves.

    A true wellness experience for me goes beyond using fancy equipment and putting in the hard hours. It is much more personal. It is about the therapists and the practitioners. Their coordination and efficiency, I believe, goes many miles in offering that memorable wellness experience guests crave.



    I am thankful to Zanya’s Beauty Academy for providing one of the best facilities and with one the best knowledge and explanation.
    This course has helped me to start my own set-up and soon I will establish my own company.
    I will always be very thankful to Zanya and Shilpa Ma’am for providing the best guidance and practical knowledge.
    This knowledge has changed my life bcoz I have learnt all from basic to advance and have actually helped me to set my own career


    Zanya’s Beauty Academy is not only a learning academy, it is a very good platform to understand the implementation of knowledge and experience for cosmetology.
    Heartly Thanks for all of the knowledge and support provided by Shilpa Ma’am.


    They have an amazing training program which is useful even for beginners. Zanya’s Beauty Academy is the best instituted to learn practical knowledge. I really appreciate their way of teaching …
    Ma’am was very friendly and her way to explain everything made it easy to catch up on everything very fast… Especially hair courses are amazing.
    She has a lot of patience and explains points in logical terms which actually helps us understand the steps of hair treatments.
    Their beginner courses are starting at very affordable prices…I am very happy that I joined this academy…😘♥️♥️

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